“Enough of This Silliness” pastor notes May 31, 2020

Notes From the Pastor ~

I’ve had enough of this silliness. It has to stop.

In the part of town where Margie & I live, Monday is garbage pick up day. Just like clockwork, garbage cans appear from out of nowhere and are lined up like little soldiers on the street awaiting the moment that the trucks come roaring in to empty them out. It happens every week and it’s a sight to behold: tidy, neat, and uniform – that is, until yesterday. From a distance, I thought that someone had jammed a long handled broom into one of the bins and it was sticking up like a flag on a pole. As I drove closer, however, it proved to be something else entirely. What it proved to be – waving in the wind – was a helium Mylar balloon. Can you imagine that? Decorating a garbage can? It’s just silly. I was able to slow down enough to read a big sign that was taped to the top of the container. I couldn’t quite catch it all, but the words, “Thank You” were printed biggest of all.

In keeping with the silliness theme, my daughter who lives in New Orleans posted a video clip of an event that had occurred recently. In short, the film was simply a single man with a trumpet standing in the middle of the street playing the greatest version of Happy Birthday I’ve heard in my life. The caption read, “We have the greatest people. Thank you, Kermit! You never know when New Orleans music will pop up.”  And in the words of Mike Delgado, who filmed the event: “It hasn’t all been bad. Here’s the great Kermit Ruffins playing on my street. It made everyone’s day!”

But wait – there’s more. Come to think of it, I found myself in front of our neighbor’s house a few weeks ago, along with 3-4 other cars full of folks to wish LuAnn a happy birthday. The silliest part of all is that I decided on a whim that this would be the perfect time to bring my banjo and show off my new found (and non existent) skills as a banjo picker. Silly – just silly. It was so bad that we left LuAnn in tears.

So, if there is a point to be made here, let it be that my wish and my prayer for you all is that the stress and the worry of the times we are in may act as a trigger – a trigger to your spirit. It’s my wish that we laugh at the dumb jokes, call for no reason, write letters, drive through town waving palm branches, bake cookies, and mow the grass without asking permission. Now’s the time to be silly now and then. Now’s the time to call upon the Spirit that our God placed in our heart – to lighten up and be a light. And then maybe – just maybe – we can look back on this time some day and smile that our church family kept their cool, kept the faith and somehow, through it all, helped us to keep it all together. Praise be to our God – it hasn’t all been bad.

Grandson Charlie tooting his horn                                                                  Pastor Ken


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